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Fashion Schmashion

i sort of surprise myself with my interest in fashion. i would easily wear the same tshirt every day if it was more socially acceptable. but then i also find myself wanting to dress more like a gay man with each passing day – mixing prints and colors that you wouldn’t believe could work, but they somehow do. wanting doesn’t always translate into doing. for one, i feel like i should be going somewhere interesting if i’m going to put the effort into dressing. and lately, the prospect of finding an interesting place to go seems dismal. enough talkity talk. time for links and photographs.

here’s a photo of one of my faves, mr. david ryan adams. he has sobered up in the past few years and proven what i’d always known – he cleans up nicely.


what are the typical fashion blogs? i check the sartorialist¬†every now and then. but what are other people’s go-to’s? one day i stumbled upon tavi, 12 year old wonderchild. she’d probably hate that description. i think we should be friends – her vlogs confirm this. but i also think she’s too cool to hang out with me – her whole site confirms that.

and it was her site that has led me to LOOKBOOK, the most amazing fashion site ever. okay, that might be a bit extreme, but it is pretty damn cool. check it.

my ivy league degree and powers of deduction tell me that here’s how it works: people from all over upload a fashion-focused photo of themselves with a simple descriptor of who they are, where they’re from, and what they do. then people basically vote on whether they dig (one g) it or not. here are some pics i pulled off of there that i responded to for whatever reason.






so dress pretty now, ya hear? <the end>