third post of the evening – look at me go!

alright. as the subject suggests, there is more below. so put on your republican pants and Scroll, Baby, Scroll!

yeah, i know. terrible.

so there is a very silly site called Ok!Cupid – it’s basically social networking for kinksters. do with it as you like. which, i guess, seeing as that IS how i described it, maybe i shouldn’t be surprised. but seriously…

i was looking at my profile tonight ashler-ly and this graphic was displayed to the side, suggesting similar users to asher-ly (aka me). the only amusing part about all this, is the descriptors. 

my favorite is the last one, what a sad lesbian in arkansas. looking all shady in that photo – she’s all hungover and just screamin at me ‘you know it’s true.’ 

haha. i just noticed, her username suggests she’s retarded. i think we should meet.


how i feel most days…

i did not draw or create that in any way. it’s scanned straight from HOW’s latest magazine.

it’s just pretty damn appropriate.

sketchbook! and soccer!

there is now a sketchbook feature on my site. so if it’s more drawings/nonsense you’d like to see, go there.

it’s all random; none of us have control. so there.

as i type this i’m re-watching ‘dare to dream’ a documentary on hbo about the women’s soccer team and how much they worked to grow their sport. it’s really super inspiring. i’m drinking a beer, but it makes me wish i was doing situps. if you have hbo on demand, it’s on there – seriously, go watch it.

without them paving the way, women’s sports (softball included) wouldn’t be anywhere near the respect it receives to this day.

this campaign is a direct effect of their efforts, and it’s really well done.

(and a bonus – that’s natasha kai, one of the 13 out women to compete at the olympics). 

ps – yowsa!

Backtrack – The Creative Circus

So I was going through the vault of gems that didn’t make it into my book, and stumbled upon this ridiculousity that my good buddy Kyle Cavanaugh and I worked on. It was definitely some of the most fun I had at the Circus; I hope Kyle agrees. So basically, the assignment was to create interior signage for a local Atlanta shop. We chose Richard’s Variety Store, a mix of old school pharmacy-feel and nostalgic playland. Here is some of the hastily produced fruits of our labor.

The final round:

The rejects (that still have a special place in my heart):

all content © 2006-2008 Ashley Linnenbank and Kyle Cavanaugh. all rights reserved

Lesbians for Obama

That’s what I’m talking about. Get you one here. I might go with the light blue myself.

I didn’t design this; I just think it’s awesome.

If I got a Yale tattoo…

this would be the one.

1985 Yale University Press logo as designed by Paul Rand.

update: I’ve since thrown together this little ditty.

I’m thinking right tricep.

update number 2 – holla!


i know you can’t see much, but it’s there. it’s hard to take a pic of your tricep. who knew?

Ah, Mister Adams

He’s definitely a favorite. A renaissance man; a talent; a gent; a dreamer; and ridiculous. All wrapped up in a ball of adorable.

*image comes from a magazine article from a while back. color tweaks come from me and my scanner.