For Austin’s Appreciation

so this is what happens at 5am when i’m talking to austin and say ‘i wish you could flip through my img files, you’d appreciate so much of it.’



magazine redesign cover. how great is this?normal_epnet_nicolaswagnershooting_07jan2006_08

yeah, i saw this in Interview(?) mag in the waiting room with my grandma at the Dr’s office. i texted myself her name and knew to look out for her. this was before hard candy. notice the boy’s underpants.



i know. i’m perceptive!


agyness deyn, crazy huge supermodel, at converse party. two loves come together!


lest we not forget


next hair idea? you know i’m stupid/crazy enough to do it. i’m just not sure i’ve got the volume to pull it off.


prop 8 musical – notice who the ad is for.  i told you i’m perceptive.


i would go into gap just to look at this photo.


remember those awesome READ posters in school? this was my take.

Tom Cruise holding his favorite book He’s Just Not That Into You.


Clearly, not a Mormon.


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