Terrific Fun!

Well, I don’t know if I’d call it that. This critic seems to be overly optimistic.


and I know that poster makes this movie look truly awful. But it was entertaining.

It’s basically this working class kid grows up filling his mind with knowledge to make up for whatever he may lack (looks? money? “class”?) Forgive the quotes on “class”, I’m re-reading Dick Hebdige’s Subculture – The meaning of style, so I’ll probably be a prick that feigns a basic understanding of sociological findings ever so pretentiously for a little while anyway. Back to the movie! Great soundtrack. Lots of The Cure. It IS set in the mid eighties.


I was just going to link to the trailer, but it (like most these days) gives away the entire movie really, so don’t you go watching that, you hear?

So here’s one of the weird things. As it’s set in the 80s. It almost felt like a modern day throwback to the Hughes’ 80s era. Like at times James McAvoy’s hair reminded me all too much of the kid from Some Kind of Wonderful. And one of the girls, Rebecca, totally kind of has the face of Molly Ringwald minus the unattractiveness. Strange.


Other strange thing – This movie made me really sad at times. The hopefulness he feels when going off to college, compared with my current state of unemployment were a wee bit hard to stomach. But mostly it just made me long for the days of college again, and the days when I was sort of smart. I’d realized the other night how I’ve forgotten so much. There’s like this former self that was this unevolved state of me (in a lot of ways) yet so much brighter and more competent than I am today. Anyway, I digress…

On an unrelated note – Meet Tucker. He’s the best. No, really.


I found him crying in our backyard a few weeks ago – in the pre-election era. He was all tiny, skin and bones but too scared to eat, so I brought him in the house thinking ‘he should feel safe.’ Well, I was sort of right. I spent a few hours trying to coo him out from under the freezer. And then it quickly became apparent that he wasn’t going back out.

He’s totes got my back in that picture, no? He’s all like “What? What? …that’s what I thought.”

I made this.


We even made it a bi-partisan effort – my Obama sign on left, dad’s McCain sign on right. But happily our efforts were in vein and he is M-I-N-E. If the world decides to be nice and I manage to escape my folks’ home – he’s coming with me. And we will rule the world.


One response to “Terrific Fun!

  1. Why would you be sad, not only are you super cool, you’re super smart and pretty, poised to begin the next phase of your world domination. Chin up sister, it’s gonna come together.

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