third post of the evening – look at me go!

alright. as the subject suggests, there is more below. so put on your republican pants and Scroll, Baby, Scroll!

yeah, i know. terrible.

so there is a very silly site called Ok!Cupid – it’s basically social networking for kinksters. do with it as you like. which, i guess, seeing as that IS how i described it, maybe i shouldn’t be surprised. but seriously…

i was looking at my profile tonight ashler-ly and this graphic was displayed to the side, suggesting similar users to asher-ly (aka me). the only amusing part about all this, is the descriptors. 

my favorite is the last one, what a sad lesbian in arkansas. looking all shady in that photo – she’s all hungover and just screamin at me ‘you know it’s true.’ 

haha. i just noticed, her username suggests she’s retarded. i think we should meet.


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