sketchbook! and soccer!

there is now a sketchbook feature on my site. so if it’s more drawings/nonsense you’d like to see, go there.

it’s all random; none of us have control. so there.

as i type this i’m re-watching ‘dare to dream’ a documentary on hbo about the women’s soccer team and how much they worked to grow their sport. it’s really super inspiring. i’m drinking a beer, but it makes me wish i was doing situps. if you have hbo on demand, it’s on there – seriously, go watch it.

without them paving the way, women’s sports (softball included) wouldn’t be anywhere near the respect it receives to this day.

this campaign is a direct effect of their efforts, and it’s really well done.

(and a bonus – that’s natasha kai, one of the 13 out women to compete at the olympics). 

ps – yowsa!


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