hello world (aka the 3 people who read this)

if anyone actually follows this blog and saw things changed, it was just a mistake.

i’m in the process of transferring this blog over to my domain, and since i don’t know how to do anything the proper way (and i had posted so irregularly) i just did so manually. copy and pasting from here to there.

it’s pretty ugly. i have yet to figure out how to edit their code through wordpress to update the header. but once i pretty it up a bit, i’ll throw the link up here. (or you’ll just be able to get to it on my site).

aight? holla!


For Austin’s Appreciation

so this is what happens at 5am when i’m talking to austin and say ‘i wish you could flip through my img files, you’d appreciate so much of it.’



magazine redesign cover. how great is this?normal_epnet_nicolaswagnershooting_07jan2006_08

yeah, i saw this in Interview(?) mag in the waiting room with my grandma at the Dr’s office. i texted myself her name and knew to look out for her. this was before hard candy. notice the boy’s underpants.



i know. i’m perceptive!


agyness deyn, crazy huge supermodel, at converse party. two loves come together!


lest we not forget


next hair idea? you know i’m stupid/crazy enough to do it. i’m just not sure i’ve got the volume to pull it off.


prop 8 musical – notice who the ad is for.  i told you i’m perceptive.


i would go into gap just to look at this photo.


remember those awesome READ posters in school? this was my take.

Tom Cruise holding his favorite book He’s Just Not That Into You.


Clearly, not a Mormon.

Terrific Fun!

Well, I don’t know if I’d call it that. This critic seems to be overly optimistic.


and I know that poster makes this movie look truly awful. But it was entertaining.

It’s basically this working class kid grows up filling his mind with knowledge to make up for whatever he may lack (looks? money? “class”?) Forgive the quotes on “class”, I’m re-reading Dick Hebdige’s Subculture – The meaning of style, so I’ll probably be a prick that feigns a basic understanding of sociological findings ever so pretentiously for a little while anyway. Back to the movie! Great soundtrack. Lots of The Cure. It IS set in the mid eighties.


I was just going to link to the trailer, but it (like most these days) gives away the entire movie really, so don’t you go watching that, you hear?

So here’s one of the weird things. As it’s set in the 80s. It almost felt like a modern day throwback to the Hughes’ 80s era. Like at times James McAvoy’s hair reminded me all too much of the kid from Some Kind of Wonderful. And one of the girls, Rebecca, totally kind of has the face of Molly Ringwald minus the unattractiveness. Strange.


Other strange thing – This movie made me really sad at times. The hopefulness he feels when going off to college, compared with my current state of unemployment were a wee bit hard to stomach. But mostly it just made me long for the days of college again, and the days when I was sort of smart. I’d realized the other night how I’ve forgotten so much. There’s like this former self that was this unevolved state of me (in a lot of ways) yet so much brighter and more competent than I am today. Anyway, I digress…

On an unrelated note – Meet Tucker. He’s the best. No, really.


I found him crying in our backyard a few weeks ago – in the pre-election era. He was all tiny, skin and bones but too scared to eat, so I brought him in the house thinking ‘he should feel safe.’ Well, I was sort of right. I spent a few hours trying to coo him out from under the freezer. And then it quickly became apparent that he wasn’t going back out.

He’s totes got my back in that picture, no? He’s all like “What? What? …that’s what I thought.”

I made this.


We even made it a bi-partisan effort – my Obama sign on left, dad’s McCain sign on right. But happily our efforts were in vein and he is M-I-N-E. If the world decides to be nice and I manage to escape my folks’ home – he’s coming with me. And we will rule the world.

Fashion Schmashion

i sort of surprise myself with my interest in fashion. i would easily wear the same tshirt every day if it was more socially acceptable. but then i also find myself wanting to dress more like a gay man with each passing day – mixing prints and colors that you wouldn’t believe could work, but they somehow do. wanting doesn’t always translate into doing. for one, i feel like i should be going somewhere interesting if i’m going to put the effort into dressing. and lately, the prospect of finding an interesting place to go seems dismal. enough talkity talk. time for links and photographs.

here’s a photo of one of my faves, mr. david ryan adams. he has sobered up in the past few years and proven what i’d always known – he cleans up nicely.


what are the typical fashion blogs? i check the sartorialist every now and then. but what are other people’s go-to’s? one day i stumbled upon tavi, 12 year old wonderchild. she’d probably hate that description. i think we should be friends – her vlogs confirm this. but i also think she’s too cool to hang out with me – her whole site confirms that.

and it was her site that has led me to LOOKBOOK, the most amazing fashion site ever. okay, that might be a bit extreme, but it is pretty damn cool. check it.

my ivy league degree and powers of deduction tell me that here’s how it works: people from all over upload a fashion-focused photo of themselves with a simple descriptor of who they are, where they’re from, and what they do. then people basically vote on whether they dig (one g) it or not. here are some pics i pulled off of there that i responded to for whatever reason.






so dress pretty now, ya hear? <the end>

here it comes, here comes the first day…

november 4th. i felt pretty on top of the world all day. even before the election returns. i had kept my optimism in check, in agreement with Rachel Maddow’s assessment that if you’re a real democrat, you refuse to believe we will succeed until we have. but all day on the 4th i was filled with a reassured energy that we were about to change the world. and ya know what – we did.

here are some photos that reaffirm my belief in this man and his humanity. the rest can be seen here.


i like the quiet ones the best.


i can’t even imagine what all this means to these kids. i just know it’s about time.


this was in the elevator after he won the nomination. all smiles. that finally-you-can-exhale moment.


like i said, it’s the quiet ones.

november 5th, it was this song.

Stars – In Our Bedroom After The War

Wake up! Say good morning to that sleepy person lying next to you
If there’s no one there, then there’s no one there, but at least the war is over
It’s us – yes, we’re back again, here to see you through, ’til the days end
And if the night comes, and the night will come, well at least the war is over

Lift your head and look out the window
Stay that way for the rest of the day and watch the time go
Listen! The birds sing! Listen! The bells ring!
All the living are dead, and the dead are all living
The war is over and we are beginning…

Gridlock on the parkway now, the television man is here to show you how
The channel fades to snow, it’s off to work you go, but at least the war is over

She’s gone, she left before you woke, as you ate last night, neither of you spoke
Dishes, tv, bed the darkness filled with dread, but at least the war is over

Lift your head and look out the window
Stay that way for the rest of the day and watch the time go
Listen! The birds sing! Listen! The bells ring!
All the living are dead, and the dead are all living
The war is over and we are beginning…

We won, or we think we did, when you went away, you were just a kid
And if you lost it all, and you lost it, we will still be there when the war is over

Lift your head and look out the window
Stay that way for the rest of the day and watch the time go
Listen! The birds sing! Listen! The bells ring!
All the living are dead, and the dead are all living
The war is over and we are beginning…

Here it comes! Here comes the first day! Here it comes! Here comes the first day!
It starts up in our bedroom after the war
After the war! After the war…

yet among all of it, all the celebration and jubilation, all the emotion of watching jesse jackson cry like a baby and the crowds swell with acceptance, there was only a short while of unadulterated joy. ’cause while the crowds cheered in harlem and grant park, the streets were void and quiet in houston. and while one huge wave of change inspired tears of joy, another left us in disbelief.


yet for the first time, i can say that despite all the setbacks…

for the first time i have faith in something, and genuine pride for my country.

and i know that eventually we shall overcome.

“In the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope.”

a multimedia experience…

okay, first go here. start the song, ‘little bit’ as background music. 


i give you, what i believe is the most beautiful girl to model for urban outfitters…ever.

i think i’m a little bit…

a little bit…

a little bit in love with you…

i like this.

I could buy one here. Or I could just make my own. 

I think I’ll go the latter route.